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The American Party, commonly known as the Know-Nothing Party, was an American nativist political party that operated in the mid-1850s. It was originally anti-Catholic, prejudiced against other nationalities, and against immigration. The movement was briefly a major political party in the form of the American Party. The Know Nothing Party. 1,159 likes · 381 talking about this. The Party chock full of ignurnt Liberturdians, Teaturdians, and Returdlicans. "Know-Nothing Party" live music 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 6PM Eastern "Call Me Ignorant" is my Podcast, I try to do it 3x a week. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play and Podbean. Follow on twitter @IgnoramusSteve All other Soc. Media: StephenIgnoramus. Now there are those who will say that the “Know-Nothing” Party was more associated with right-wing than leftist but that is not my premise. The moniker “Know-Nothing” explicitly fits today’s Democrat [Socialist] mob who have no policy platform other than forcing compliance by way of.

State houses throughout the country were captured by the Know-Nothings and governors were elected in Massachusetts and Delaware. The Know-Nothings victory in Massachusetts was nothing short of sensational, including the governor, all members of Congress and all but three members of the Massachusetts legislature. 16/10/2015 · The basis of the surge in nativist thought arose in the mid-nineteenth century, when the “Know Nothing” Party emerged, ushering in a wave of nativism and Anglo-Saxon superiority that continues to this day. What is occurring right now is not an anomaly, but the continuation of a Know Nothing. Learn the know nothing party with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 347 different sets of the know nothing party flashcards on Quizlet.

Start studying Know-Nothing Party American Party. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The by-name of American Party, US. political party that flourished in the 1850s. The Know-Nothing party was an outgrowth of the strong anti-immigrant and especially anti-Roman Catholic sentiment that started to manifest itself during the 1840s. A rising tide of immigrants, primarily Germans in the Midwest and Irish in the East, seemed to pose a.

Which of the following were basic principles of the Know-Nothing Party? A. anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic B. less federal government regulation, no abolition C. support women's rights, prison reform D. spread the Second Great. asked by Anonymous on November 29, 2018; Geography. THE KNOW-NOTHING PARTY ATTRACTED FOLLOWERS. The Know-Nothings and their anti-immigrant and anti-Irish fervor became a popular movement for a time. Lithographs sold in the 1850s depict a young man with the caption, “Uncle Sam’s Youngest Son, Citizen Know Nothing.” The Library of Congress, which holds a copy of such a print, describes it by.

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